European Spruce Lumber

European Spruce (SPF), White Wood (WW), and Scots Pine Lumber

Grades:  PREMIUM, Select Grade, and #2 & Better.

All product is Kiln Dried (19% or less Moisture Content) and surface all 4 sides and edges.

Lengths:  Up to 16’ in length!  We can cut and trim lumber to your specific length requirements.

Sizing:  2 x 4 to 2 x 10 in dimension, and 1 x 4 to 1 x 12 in boards.

All product is Grade Stamped unless requested differently.

Grading Agency:  WCLIB

Our Premium Grade European SPF/Scots Pine has helped our customers reduce their costs by minimizing their “fall down”, or lumber that does not meet their desired grade requirements in their final product. Culling bad lumber from every unit or pack can be costly, which adds up fast.  If you are culling 10 to 15%, then you could have paid 10 to 15% more for a much better product without the headaches and production slowdowns.  Stop the accumulation of un-usable lumber and inquire with us how we can help you greatly reduce your cull factor.

Product Contact

Tim Bull

Phone: (503) 675-0040